Ink and Graphite

For our 48th anniversary, my loving husband decided to give me a fountain pen. After researching and getting recommendations from my sister, Dawn, he chose the Lamy Al with an extra fine nib and ink. We bought the pen at the Pen Gallery in SS2, PJ, not far from our home. It is a fabulous store! So many pens to choose from and inks on many shelves. The young woman who helped me, let me try the pen on different papers. She was so knowledgeable about the pens and inks. I decided to get the Noodler’s Black Ink. It is waterproof and actually says it is “Bulletproof”! It was all I could do to keep my eagerness to try it out under control while we ate lunch, got home from our short holiday in Awana, and unpack our bags. What a joy it is to use!

Now I can get the outlines and/or the deepest black in my sketches and still use the graphite to add form and shades. This will be my archive of photos of my ink and graphite sketches.